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About US


About Us

The Al Dente Ristorante is situated near the walls of Buarcos, one of the most beautiful and emblematic places in Figueira da Foz, where the sea offers us its energy and beauty throughout the year.


Since last century, Buarcos became a place where you can find great restaurants to taste and enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Ristorante Al Dente has evolved into a more Mediterranean style, where these traditional flavors mingled with the pasta and Italian sauces. There has been an increased synthesis of style: the cuisine offered today passes beyond the classical methods of Italian cuisine to the sensitivity of our chef. There are links with the tradition, but her style is quite independent, avoiding any kind of stagnation, achieving a unique balance and harmony.


The best raw materials are at the heart of our cuisine, as well as the use of classical techniques to enhance the flavor of the ingredients chosen according to the season. In the preparation of these specialties it is essential to use light but not unusual products, so the flavors can be enjoyed entirely. This requires a substantial amount of balance, in order to give a modern identity to our plates.